2012 Nov 1

Poker tables are essential furniture in a casino and in the home, to best enjoy game. world series of poker games are best played in a professional manner only at a poker table, if you are a die-hard poker fan, and looking for a cheap poker table then you will be amazed with the specially designed tables, with a shape and size suitable for playing the card game.

online poker tables come in different shapes, like circular, rectangular, hexagonal, and octagonal and along with special features like foam padding, arm rests, glass or bottle holders and many more such features. These tables are available in many stores, but the best place to shop for cheap tables in online stores, there are various online stores that specialise in offering a wide variety of poker table to suit different needs and budgets, you can defiantly find the one most suitable for you easily from an online store.

Generally before shopping for a poker table you need to set out a list of you requirements and accordingly search for a table to be able to shop for the best suitable one, there are a large variety of table offered online, there is a possibility that you might just get confused, looking at the numerous poker table photos and going through the description of each table, with the help of a list of your requirements in hand you will be able to narrow down the choice easily and quickly search for the best one with ease.

The choice of a cheap poker table is a serious decision and one needs to take with great care and research. Here are some of the tips and considerations you need to consider before shopping.

The first and the most important thing to consider while shopping for a cheap poker table is your budget, there are wide varieties of poker tables to fit into individuals of different budgets, you need to decide if you want a permanent piece of furniture or just a temporary fix and accordingly go for the pick.Get the top uk online casino en ligne  bonuses and free site reviews when you go to the NEW Gambling.com.

It is also wise to decide the style of table you want of choose depending on its usage, for example if you are purchasing a table for commercial purpose, it must be a decorated master piece, you can go for your logo on the table as it will be a permanent piece of gaming table in your game room. Were as if you occasionally play poker with friends investing a huge amount in poker table is not advisable moreover you can go for a folding table, for the ease of storage.

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The styling and choice must be decided wisely, the preferred shape and size of the table and also decide the number of accessories you want  to attach on it. Some of the popular accessories include timers, card spinners, side tables for drinks, and many more.

You also need to look at where you are going to put your poker table, the free space available, and approximate numbers of players before you finally go for the pick.

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2016 Jul 27

Social gambling is gambling on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ and MySpace. Until recently all forms of social gambling where free. Gambling operators launch their games on social media sites.


Social Gambling has now grown into multibillion dollar industry. These social media gambling sites make money through in-app purchase. Although most players receive free credits when they begin playing they will need to purchase virtual currencies when they exhaust the free credits. Players will also be offered chances to buy virtual goods in the casinos and also to pay for benefits in the casinos. The casinos make several thousands of dollars daily from social media users who want to pay for extras offered in the casinos.


Recently there have been social media casinos that allow players a chance to play with real money. However, this faced challenges of legislation in some regions affecting the expected traffic and income. Facebook restricts the casinos from offering real money games to players in restricted regions. Also, the real money casino games offered at social media casino sites are few in number and variety. It is more advisable for players who want to play casino games for real money to join a real money casino.


Real money casino game developers are also promoting their games on social casinos. When the games have a large following they are then sold to online real money casinos. Players can play slots, blackjack and poker at the free online casinos or casino Australia. Players can get coupons for their in-app purchases. These coupons will reward them with more value for their money.


Social gambling is a trend that is only getting bigger and bigger. There are almost equal numbers of male and female players although the number of male players is slightly more. Social gambling allows players to play games with their friends, strangers or on their own. This and the fact that the games are initially free are the major attractions of this wildly popular pastime.

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